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The Decline of Society

Everywhere I go, people tell me about how our society is declining, how the world is coming to an end…

But I really don’t hear anyone talking about what they think we can do to help!

All I think of is that old song…

“There’s a hole in the bucket, Dear Eliza, Dear Eliza. There’s a hole in the bucket, Dear Eliza. A hole.
Then fix it, Dear Henry, Dear Henry, Dear Henry. Then fix it Dear Henry, Dear Henry. Fix it!…”

It goes on and he comes up with problem after problem as to why he cannot fix it. Every time she offers a solution, he glumly comes up with another problem!

Listen, people! We are going to h-e-double hockey-sticks in a handbasket! Griping the whole way without doing a thing!

Being a voice crying out is a good thing, but if you are going to cry out, don’t just cry out- DO SOMETHING.

That said- I think that the problem is that no one really knows what THEY can do. I am often at a loss myself. Its just- I’m not ready to give up and say “Oh well. As goes Sodom and Gomorrah so goes America.” No! God sought out ten righteous men in that city! He said he would spare all for TEN RIGHTEOUS MEN.

Then in Ezekiel look at what He says: The people of the land practice extortion and commit robbery; they oppress the poor and needy and mistreat the alien, denying them justice.

Even common people oppress the poor, rob the needy, and deprive foreigners of justice.

“I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land. I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn’t have to destroy the land, but I found no one. So now I will pour out my fury on them, consuming them with the fire of my anger. I will heap on their heads the full penalty for all their sins. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken!”

So… maybe that is it. All we need to do is stand and rebuild the wall of righteousness.

Stand in your job.

Stand in your relationships.

Stand in righteousness and intercede for this nation.

Repent. (See Daniel 9)

And trust the mercy of God to hear and see.

And yes- I am preaching at myself now.

Just a thought.


About goatgirlbookworm

My name is Toni Clegg, and I was raised on a farm in the far north of the United States. I love to read and write and I hope to use those hobbies in a greater way in the days to come. One of my passions is using whatever influence I have to make a difference in the world.

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