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beauty’s substance, written by Toni L.A. Cross on 3/10/10

is more than just
fluff and lipgloss

can be made of
bricks and steel

can be brittle like
glass and ice

can still overcome valiant
kings and warriors


About goatgirlbookworm

My name is Toni Clegg, and I was raised on a farm in the far north of the United States. I love to read and write and I hope to use those hobbies in a greater way in the days to come. One of my passions is using whatever influence I have to make a difference in the world.

8 responses to “beauty’s substance, written by Toni L.A. Cross on 3/10/10

  1. Rachel ⋅

    I like it! 🙂

  2. kseverny

    it sure is.
    it sure can

  3. and that was just beautiful…love the bricks and steel line…

  4. pttyann

    How true,we can find “Beauty” in many things! I enjoyed the read 😀 have a good night.

  5. opoetoo ⋅

    poem is okay as a stand alone
    picture is a little better as a solo package.
    Together : ga ga ooh la la.
    This is cool.

  6. souldose

    Beauty, wow you’ve nailed it…. Love your poem and you are getting bookmarked so I can add you on my links page when I get time

  7. Thank you everyone!

    I actually took this picture for a digital photography class a few years ago and it has been sitting around in my email collecting virtual dust.

    I decided to go through my old pictures the other day, and this one inspired the poem.

    My friend Rachel, who is much more photographically inclined than I am, INSISTED that I crop the original into what you see now. So she should get part of the credit. 😀

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