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The Bliss of Wasting Hot Water…

When asked me "What's the most wasteful thing you do each day?", I didn't even have to stop and think…

Heavy Rain Shower

Every day when I get up, I stumble into the bathroom and take a very long, hot, steamy, and contemplative shower.

It is my sacred "me time". I think, I wake up, I daydream, I compose poems in my mind or ponder the night's dreams…

And I waste an obscene amount of costly hot water. An online calculator claims that just one of my heavenly average showers probably uses 100-150 gallons of water!

Al Gore is probably going to put a price on my head after this gets published, but guess what? I really don't care!

If I miss my morning shower, the whole day feels wrong. Its like having a pebble in my shoe and not being able to clear it out.

When I was a kid, living at home, we had a woodstove hot water system. It had a 20 gallon tank. I emptied it in no time, despite the fact that we had one of those wimpy "energy efficient" shower heads. In a household with five people who needed showers, I was banished to taking my shower last… no problem for me… that meant sleeping later!

Somehow, I still haven't learned. Oh well, at least I'm the only one showering in the mornings now…

Here's to happy mornings and hot water!

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About goatgirlbookworm

My name is Toni Clegg, and I was raised on a farm in the far north of the United States. I love to read and write and I hope to use those hobbies in a greater way in the days to come. One of my passions is using whatever influence I have to make a difference in the world.

2 responses to “The Bliss of Wasting Hot Water…

  1. slpmartin

    If that is your only vice…I think you’re quite okay. 😉

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