What can man do to me?

This morning I had a thought while I was showering. Most people kinda edge around the book of Job, mainly because we don’t really understand why God would be so “unfair” as to let all that stuff happen to him.

But then I realized- that is the point of it all. It wasn’t some kind of weird test- God was just showing Job- and all of us- that Satan really couldn’t touch anything that really “mattered”. And you think… wait a sec, Satan messed with everything in Job’s life!

Well, did he? He couldn’t take away Job’s relationship with God, which was the only thing that would have more than a temporary effect, in the view of eternity. That is what Satan was really after, and God was saying, “See? You can never mess with My relationship with My kids and you can’t do any lasting harm.”

The only person who can jeopardize our relationship with God is us ourselves.

So, therefore, we really don’t have anything in the whole world to be afraid of.

I never really understood that scripture that says, “The Lord is with me, I’m not afraid. What can man do to me?” I was always like, “Dude. There are TONS of things man can do to me! Are you flippin’ kidding??”

But really, there isn’t anything that people or the devil can do to us. Not that has permanent consequences.

I mean, kill me? I go to heaven.

Torture me? I experience the presence of God like never before.

Hate me? Give me a chance to love, like I have never had before.

Keep me from sleeping? I stay up and pray.

Plant strife between family members? Give me a chance to overcome and discover a deeper level of relationship.


Psalm of A Mortal Moth… By Toni L.A. Cross

Like a moth

Drawn to the light

I find myself

Wooed by a Flame

Close and closer

I soar near

Until I catch afire

Tiny flying tinder am I

Consume the powder

Of these earthly wings

Render me dust

Til I am truly free

Ruin me for all but You and Yours…

My only fear


                                    the night


                                                                                  the Son

endless delight… Toni L.A. Cross


soft footsteps

tentative echo

of a sojourner’s soul

finally home to stay

tired eyes raise

hands lift

as if on their own

such wordless delight

this ending

is no ending

but a beginning


an endlessness

of bliss

and completeness

true reality

at last



My Horizons Have Widened…

To make a very long story short, I have essentially living as if I believed in predestination, but predestination I can screw up.

Not a happy existence.

I spent most of my time wondering and miserable.

 Am I doing the right thing?

Is this the perfect best for my life?

Why am I not hearing what God wants me to do?

Is it wrong to decide to do something, if I haven’t heard God clearly say I should do it?

Can I actually make any choices of my own or do I have to spend a lifetime trying to read God’s mind?

But then, I took a course called “The Mystique of Human Leadership” and the professor stressed over and over and OVER that God created us as THINKING beings with a brain and that God wants us to use that brain to make choices about our lives. Yes, some really big things are set in stone by God, but other things -MOST things- are left up to us.

Talk about freeing!

I can actually do and be what/who I want to be!

…on that thought….

My Current Thoughts…

So, a cool thing that happened to me recently…

  I was challenged by a friend, who holds different religious beliefs than mine, to read the book, A Course In Miracles.
There are quite a few statements within the book so far that I agree with. But the book also states that  sin is an illusion that it doesn’t really exist.
  Therefore Jesus’ atonement was to take away the illusion and bring us to a higher reality. 
That is a very tricky half-truth.
I was puzzling and musing over it and went to bed last night, praying for clarity from God.
  And so, this morning, I literally woke up hearing the verse “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8)
  AND that whole part teaching is that true truth means that sin isn’t real or true.
  What did the serpent tell Eve?
  If you eat of the fruit, you will be like God, knowing good from Evil.
  She introduced sin into the world by trying to be like God.
  But the sad thing is, she already was.
  Ever think about that?
They were perfectly formed in God’s image, without sin.
  By taking of the tree, they didn’t get the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil, they got experience in evil.
Which is what Satan had.
  and not only that…
  God has knowledge of evil, but not experiential knowledge.
  He knows all things, but he does not WALK in all things.
Sin is to choose outside of love
to choose other than love.
  A potential God has, but will never ever act on-
  A potential that we acted on.
  We were not loving God, by choosing not to trust Him and to take of the fruit.
By that one choice, not to trust and therefore not to love, we were utterly separated from God.
  Think about that.
And God, in His ultimate love, had known from the very beginning what we would choose and had prepared the answer.
Jesus’ death was the divine portrayal of the extreme love could go to for the one it loves.
  God is so amazingly incredibly good!
(Disclaimer: I copy and pasted a good bit of this from an instant message with a friend, so please forgive repetitiveness or grammar. I only have a short lunch, in which to blog.)