Almost Five Years Ago

Almost five years ago

You should have been born

Can it really be-

I’ve had that long to mourn?

Every child I hold

Is somehow even more dear

From wanting you in my arms

To hug you oh so near

My aching arms have held

So many babies since

Yet when I think of you

The pain still makes me wince





9 Lives: A Poem by Toni L.A. Clegg

My paws have found a brand new path

The road is dewy fresh

I look up at the rising sun

That bathes the hills in light

Its golden glow upon my face

Warms me through and through

I know not what will be ahead

I know not what is now

My past is dead yet part of me

A life I lived before

My paws have found a brand new path

The road behind me fades

I look back at the drifting mist

That cloaks the valleys low

Its hold upon my fragile heart

Loosens here and now

I know not what will be ahead

I only know I live

Haunted by Toni L.A. Cross

The darkness comes
with teeth and knives
I’m hounded by a dream
Chasing, swirling, whirling night
Deeper, harder, plunging faster
Torn by rabid black
Frantic now
the walls are slick
No doors or windows here
Can’t breathe
Can’t speak
Or whisper here
No sound escapes
This place

depth perception… by Toni L.A. Cross

you think you see me
so clear
because you think I let
you near
I’m hiding in plain sight
my dear
the brightest smile and not
a tear
so bravely hiding
every fear
it’s all about how deep
you peer

Closet Confession by Toni Cross

Safe in darkness
Hiding here
Amongst the clothes
of yesteryear
My place of silent
Haven where none
will intrude
I hide from life
I hide from self
Beneath the shoes
up on the shelf
Closed in by dust
and memories
I freely breathe
where no one sees