Senses by Toni L.A. Clegg

I see music

In your eyes

In your laughter

And your sighs

I hear colors

In your movement

In your footsteps

As time flies


Feast of Memory by Toni L.A. Clegg

Emotionally seasoned feast laid out
On this cerebral banquet table
Taste as salty grief
Mingles with honeyed joy
Savor these tiny moments
Delicate flavors of memory
Lingering on the palette of your mind

not through my eyes by Toni L.A. Clegg

I want to see

not through my eyes

I want to see

beyond the hurt and lies

I want to see

more than the surface

I want to see

the hidden goodness

I want to see

the lost and forgotten

I want to see

the dreams they don’t mention

I want to see

a friend in my foe

I want to see

the truth I don’t know

Not What I Thought It Would Be by Toni L.A. Clegg

Tomorrow is never a guarantee

This truth is present and weighty

Time is ticking towards thirty

This future I cannot quite see

Finds me, now a divorcee

In this strange land where I’m oddly free

It’s not what I thought it would be

Married again, a mother wannabe

Yet I pause here in place like a lonely tree

Unmoved by the wind and the whispering sea

Missing my pain like an amputee