My Current Thoughts…

So, a cool thing that happened to me recently…

  I was challenged by a friend, who holds different religious beliefs than mine, to read the book, A Course In Miracles.
There are quite a few statements within the book so far that I agree with. But the book also states that  sin is an illusion that it doesn’t really exist.
  Therefore Jesus’ atonement was to take away the illusion and bring us to a higher reality. 
That is a very tricky half-truth.
I was puzzling and musing over it and went to bed last night, praying for clarity from God.
  And so, this morning, I literally woke up hearing the verse “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8)
  AND that whole part teaching is that true truth means that sin isn’t real or true.
  What did the serpent tell Eve?
  If you eat of the fruit, you will be like God, knowing good from Evil.
  She introduced sin into the world by trying to be like God.
  But the sad thing is, she already was.
  Ever think about that?
They were perfectly formed in God’s image, without sin.
  By taking of the tree, they didn’t get the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil, they got experience in evil.
Which is what Satan had.
  and not only that…
  God has knowledge of evil, but not experiential knowledge.
  He knows all things, but he does not WALK in all things.
Sin is to choose outside of love
to choose other than love.
  A potential God has, but will never ever act on-
  A potential that we acted on.
  We were not loving God, by choosing not to trust Him and to take of the fruit.
By that one choice, not to trust and therefore not to love, we were utterly separated from God.
  Think about that.
And God, in His ultimate love, had known from the very beginning what we would choose and had prepared the answer.
Jesus’ death was the divine portrayal of the extreme love could go to for the one it loves.
  God is so amazingly incredibly good!
(Disclaimer: I copy and pasted a good bit of this from an instant message with a friend, so please forgive repetitiveness or grammar. I only have a short lunch, in which to blog.)