Not What I Thought It Would Be by Toni L.A. Clegg

Tomorrow is never a guarantee

This truth is present and weighty

Time is ticking towards thirty

This future I cannot quite see

Finds me, now a divorcee

In this strange land where I’m oddly free

It’s not what I thought it would be

Married again, a mother wannabe

Yet I pause here in place like a lonely tree

Unmoved by the wind and the whispering sea

Missing my pain like an amputee



the passage of life… by Toni L.A. Cross

when the seasons begin to blend

and the years start to run together

like wet paint left vertical
then age creeps upon you
like a heavy cloak
and moments flee into hours
which melt into days
and the weight drags you downward
to a royal stately bed
the chamber of passage
into the land without time
you begin to hear a music unearthly to the core
that makes you want to shed
everything you have ever known
to be free
just as you were
before your birth
squeezed and compressed your being
into the confines of oxygen and clocks