Slave in Waiting… A Multimedia Poem by Toni L.A. Cross


She peers out of broken glass

Smeared with all that’s crude and crass

The glass is like her life

It cuts her with its knife

She is old and broken

Her pain pools unspoken

No way to escape

This endless rape

She peers out with shattered eyes

Heavy with tears she never cries

The tears are like the curtain of beads

Strung and hanging useless weeds

Tacky and in the way

Like the thought that she should pray

If God did care

She should see Him somewhere

Won’t He send someone

To undo what is done?

Does no one know

That she is here down below?



YOU can fight injustice!

You may have noticed the new glowing orange button on the righthand side of this website.

I often blog about issues related to injustice and suffering. Well, today, a friend of mine inspired me to actually start researching what I can do to make a difference.

You see, I think about social justice issues often, but I don’t usually think about the fact that I can do something to help. And I think there are probably lots of other people out there- just like me.

You want to help, you just don’t know how.

Please, take a few minutes and watch this video. It is beautifully artistic and yet raw with emotion.

Find out what you can do!


Have you ever seen an Akira? asked me to “Create a wild alien character for a science fiction story.” 

So, here goes… 


The last specimen of her race here on earth, her kind had often been called mermaids by early people groups. 

Her skin was blue, with a sleek metallic sheen. It made you want to stare- that is, until she turned her rock hard gaze in your direction. Anytime she made eye contact, her eyes flashed dark green and then went completely black for a second. Normally, her eyes were purple, with tiny flecks of gold. 

She was of the Akira tribe, an ancient seafaring nation from the planet Mira. 

On land, she had human legs and stood head and shoulders taller than any human. The average height for an adult Akira was 8 feet tall. In the water, her legs would dissolve into squid-like tentacles, losing their tint and becoming almost transparent. 

She was a kind soul, quick to help any creature in need, but had been misused in her childhood. She was loathe to accept anything from anyone, no matter their species or planet of origin. She was especially leery of humans. 

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