Alliterated Art, Spring Symphony of Harmonious Haiku by Toni L.A. Cross

Splashing silver shine

Water wearing wild wings



Singing sung softly

Brightly blissful bird bathing

Serenity shared


Seeing signs showing

Guileless green grass gently grows

Sowing spring’s sweet seeds


Long live lovely lucky lupines!

Long live 
lovely lucky lupines
 literary lives
lilting loquaciously
leaving lasting legacy



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Alliterated Autobots Amaze All! By Toni L.A. Cross

Maniacal mechanics
merge momentously
murmuring murderously.
Molten monster 
mashes metal
mixing melancholy moods.
My! Mindless Mayhem!
Milling morose masses
migrate mostly.
Grimlock gobbles
gladly gleeful.
Gallantly gorged
goofy grinning gaping.
Giant gangrene gang?
Dinobots devour Devastator.
Dining delectably
delicious din.
Despair dastardly demon!
Deeper doom delights
driving dumb dud deeper
Dancing delighted