Alliterated Art, Spring Symphony of Harmonious Haiku by Toni L.A. Cross

Splashing silver shine

Water wearing wild wings



Singing sung softly

Brightly blissful bird bathing

Serenity shared


Seeing signs showing

Guileless green grass gently grows

Sowing spring’s sweet seeds


throwaway… by Toni Cross

This is another photo challenge from Charles Martin.

i huddle in the refuse

part of excess and castoffs
and i blend into my corner perfectly

i am helpless and bare and somewhat ugly
pathetically needing your help

if i was cute
i bet you’d scoop me up and love me
i bet if I was darling, you’d maybe even feed me

but i’m awkward, dirty and wobbly
you don’t want to touch me

so all i get are kicks from hard shiny shoes
uneasy pitying glances
or rocks thrown by taller creatures

nothing to keep me safe
or fill my poor lil tummy

i’m not good enough for that
the world deems that i don’t deserve
anything at all

swirling storms… Toni L.A. Cross



these swirling storms

drenching me

pulling me down

but i won’t give up

i’ll use the wind

that’s set on destroying me

i’ll ride the blast

of icy breath

i’ll go higher

than i’ve ever been


these swirling storms

Toni L.A. Cross © 2010