bullied… by Toni L.A. Cross

a little girl
with bouncy brown curls
who can't be more than six
is backed up against the school's coat rack
protesting for all she is worth
a little boy with big brown eyes
who can't be much older
is begging in a whiny voice 
and struggling with all his scrawny might
a bully has a hold
on the two of them
"kiss your little girlfriend"
he taunts
trying to push them together
"she's not my girlfriend" 
mixes with
"no! boys are gross!"
and makes an odd dissident melody 
a reedy girl with a long braid 
melts out of the shadows 
in a moment of first-grade valor 
"if you don't let 'em go, I'll call a teacher" 
and suddenly everything stops the bully skulks away 
and the little boy hides
and the girls go back to the playground
and silence seals
what no one dares to say