what babies know… by Toni L.A. Cross


whisper to me of the things I knew

before i crossed the great wide blue

coo the sound of heaven’s gates

and the mystery of our fates

tell me of the wordless thing

why God cries and angels sing


ballerina baby… Toni L.A. Cross

tippy tippy tip-toe

pink polka-dotted hair bow

ballerina baby

dancer someday? maybe.

twirling swirling sunshine

precious princess, all mine

happiness makes him batty

darling doting daddy

Slave in Waiting… A Multimedia Poem by Toni L.A. Cross


She peers out of broken glass

Smeared with all that’s crude and crass

The glass is like her life

It cuts her with its knife

She is old and broken

Her pain pools unspoken

No way to escape

This endless rape

She peers out with shattered eyes

Heavy with tears she never cries

The tears are like the curtain of beads

Strung and hanging useless weeds

Tacky and in the way

Like the thought that she should pray

If God did care

She should see Him somewhere

Won’t He send someone

To undo what is done?

Does no one know

That she is here down below?


us tiny bits of matter… by Toni L.A. Cross


just now a screaming baby was born

and somebody else died tired and worn

sweaty clothes fell in a passionate heap

and a girl driving in traffic fell asleep

just now a couple fell in love

while an old lady fed crumbs to a dove

a lonely man bought a case of beer

and a widow wiped away another tear

somewhere someone is laughing til it hurts

a tired young mom is ironing shirts

a cashier is totaling up for the day

and a cat is watching her kittens play

many heartbeats pitter-patter

all of us tiny bits of matter