My Horizons Have Widened…

To make a very long story short, I have essentially living as if I believed in predestination, but predestination I can screw up.

Not a happy existence.

I spent most of my time wondering and miserable.

 Am I doing the right thing?

Is this the perfect best for my life?

Why am I not hearing what God wants me to do?

Is it wrong to decide to do something, if I haven’t heard God clearly say I should do it?

Can I actually make any choices of my own or do I have to spend a lifetime trying to read God’s mind?

But then, I took a course called “The Mystique of Human Leadership” and the professor stressed over and over and OVER that God created us as THINKING beings with a brain and that God wants us to use that brain to make choices about our lives. Yes, some really big things are set in stone by God, but other things -MOST things- are left up to us.

Talk about freeing!

I can actually do and be what/who I want to be!

…on that thought….