crows in winter… by Toni Cross


raspy cawing voice of crows
calling to their ancient foes
of snow and ice and wind that blows
bitter steely sound grows and grows
nipping through wool socks to toes


winter wasteland…by Toni L.A. Cross

barren wasteland
of frozen water
stretching on
til the mountains begin
I lumber forward
like an ancient polar bear
trudging through the
groaning powder
cast off by the wintry heavens
even the sun
seems austere and cold
and reflects like white fire
in my bleary eyes
as the wind cuts and slaps
like a relentless scourge

sugar-plum fairy of snot, by Toni L.A. Cross 1/25/10

I’ve been sick- here is how I spent my weekend…


sequestered indoors
with a stuffy nose
looking  through the blinds
at sunshine reflecting off snow
beckoning me to come out and play
wishing I was well
and feeling all caged up
like a bear at a zoo
floating around in the land of Sudafed
like the sugar-plum fairy of snot