Writing Kay’s Story

For those of you checking into my blog hoping to see the latest episode of Kay’s Story: I’m sorry.

I promise that a new installment will make its appearance soon!

For now, I thought I’d share a bit of the journey behind this serial story.

This project began as a fun creative writing project. I thought would only go on for five entries, at the very most.

I’ve always been a daydreamer, ever since I was a little girl in pigtails. I would spend hours staring at a single page of math homework. My imagination would soar high above the dullness of the immediate and take wing among clouds of “what ifs”.

When I was in first grade, I faithfully watched every episode of the shortlived TV show, “Christy”. Occasionally, the static on Channel 3 overcame my devoted persistence and my grandparents would have to mail me a taped copy of the missed segment on VHS tape. Those tapes were played so many times that they nearly wore out.

One in particular, “Babe in the Woods”, absolutely fascinated me. A young mother abandoned her baby and Christy, my heroine, found the baby and soon fell in love. One thing always made my young fists ball up in frustration when the credits rolled at the end; Christy gave up the baby. It was sensible, it was selfless, it was endlessly enraging!

My favorite “what if” to ponder became “What would I do if I ever found an abandoned baby?”

Over the years, my fantasy grew and changed. Then, I entered my adult years and got married. For a while, the old “what if” laid dormant…until one morning this past month.

I sat before an empty word document, the cursor blinking on a fresh white page and I asked once more;

What if?

This story is stretching me, making me question what I believe is right. I’m delving into my heart and  asking hard things.

What thin line separates maternal instinct and selfishness?

What drives a human being making a life changing decision?

Is single parenting a healthy answer to the adoption crisis?

How much do I let the opinion of the people around me mold my own choices?

What would I be willing to give up?

There, that’s a glimpse into my cluttered brain. I hope that maybe it will make you ponder with me.

Signing off for now,

Toni L.A. Cross


daydream cinquain… by Toni L.A. Cross

waking bliss
drifting floating flying
idyllic sublime tranquil peace
“Cinquain: This is another unique type of poetry style. As the name suggests, it is made up of five lines. The first line is just one word, which is often the title of the poem. The second line has two words which describe the first line. The third line has three words, and is mostly the action part of the poem. The fourth line is four words describing the feelings. And the fifth line, again, has just one word which is the title of the poem.”