From home to Home by Toni Cross

Right now, my husband and I are in the process of watching his beloved Grandmother slowly slip from this world into the next. The night before last, as I sat up in her hospital room, listening to her labored breathing, the following words came to me.


As the space between breaths lengthens

So the space to eternity shrinks

Here death does not steal or stalk

But waits as a plain and welcome bridge

Love dwells both here and there

A shining figure silently beckons

The journey is but from home to Home


Inside Herself, by Toni L.A. Cross


Dancing queen of dirges

Silent sage of song

Fighting instinctive urges

Saying right is wrong


She drifts in darkest corners

From one cobweb to another

She lives among the mourners

Beginning to finally smother


Canned personality purges

Bleached and on a shelf

In moodiness she splurges

Reclusive in herself

Seemingly… By Toni L.A. Cross


If death is but the means
To a glorious end
Then is the scythe my foe
Or a dark cloaked friend?
This knife poised above
Seems ready to kill
Yet my heart is waiting
Despite the silent chill
And if the very night
Is hiding beauteous gain
Then is it really dreadful
Or something to obtain?
For exquisite things
Are born of deepest woe
And ultimate perfection
Might soon be set aglow

Death… By Toni L.A. Cross


Distant prospect

Yet always near

Sniffing about

My loved ones dear


Horrid shadow

Clinging with doubt

Reaching corners

And poking about


I defy you

With power not mine

Life within me

Peeks out to shine


You lose

In the ultimate end

I hold the trump card

My Eternal Friend

Yael Poetry Collection: Monday Poetry Potluck

This collection of poetry is based on the story of Yael (also known as Jael). You can find the full account here and here.

I wrote these for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck. Please be sure to check out all the wonderful entries by other participants.

Yael: Queen of the Wild Goats

A goat has a crown of polished horn

Wild weapons with which they are born

Yael was one of them

A lone gazelle, a raw stone gem

He barged into her inner tent

The frail veil of decency was rent

Destiny  clutched in her callused hand

Submit to fate or take a stand

She wove her web with sensuous skill

Concealed disdain by her sheer will

A goblet of cream and a soft bed

A hammer poised high and a shattered head

She saved a nation in the course of events

She won a place in her enemy’s laments

Her name immortal in history’s halls

No mere graffiti on timeless walls



Fragile Triumph: Haiku

fragile triumph

desert wind-blown wild goat

yael stands silent




Accidental Heroine: Cinquain

accidental heroine
swing impact thud
panic victory disgust relief