weep til you sleep…by Toni L.A. Cross




til you no more weep




into my keep




a motionless heap




don’t make a peep




sunk down deep



She Tells No Spoken Lies, by Toni L.A. Cross

she laughs and always smiles

so carefully composed

while secretly, she dies

no one sees her graveyard

in still lurking shadows

deceiving carefree eyes

they do not see her pain

a great and looming past

that clouds all inner skies

plain bliss is on display

they think that all is well

she tells no spoken lies

Inside Herself, by Toni L.A. Cross


Dancing queen of dirges

Silent sage of song

Fighting instinctive urges

Saying right is wrong


She drifts in darkest corners

From one cobweb to another

She lives among the mourners

Beginning to finally smother


Canned personality purges

Bleached and on a shelf

In moodiness she splurges

Reclusive in herself

after the storm… by Toni L.A. Cross


she finds herself surrounded

by glinting jagged pieces

the light filtering through

is warm golden brown

and it plays on the puddles

of spilled fermented froth

a small cut on her arm

oozes blood unnoticed

in the wake of torrential sobbing

hiccuping sighs and gaspy breathes

are melting in the air

the sick-sweet smell of vomit

clinging to her hair

the strength to pick up

the mop is gone

it stays in its place

and she wishes she could just

disappear like

the evaporating beer

Infinite Agony… By Toni Cross

You infiltrated the atoms of this heart
The essence of me is ripped apart
 This suction inside of me
 This vacuum where you should be
My blood pours out into pools
From a gaping wound, scarlet dribbles and drools
Your roots once crept into my soul
And now I’m nothing but an empty ghoul
Wandering lost in my own skin
 Breathing air that’s hopeless and thin
Oh to sleep and not to dream
Without this pain, unending scream
Infinite second of agony
Never, ever cutting me free

All my tears of rage are shed

I’m left here to live as if I were not dead