Sing of the Morning… by Toni L.A. Cross


toes dressed in diamonds

in sparkling dew

that tread on a carpet

of plush emerald hue

dance to music

to the finest of strings

wee crickets make music

so you can spin

whirl with abandon

before the eyes of the dawn

coy veil unfurling

of fine glossy locks

O sing to the morning!

O sing of the day!

rejoice without censure

let this moment stay


dusky dawn… by Toni L.A Cross


gentle tremors

from dusky dawn’s breath

shiver down the spine

of fragile blades

tiny little wisps

along a bed of deep green

dripping tears

from dusky dawn’s sorrow

saltless crystal drops

adorning rooty toes

of herba’s children

soaking earth’s brown bosom

dewy amhrán, written by Toni L.A. Cross on 12/2/09

running along the curve
flowing together
making their path
tiny droplets
joining into mini rivers
puddling together
collecting in the hollows
little lochan
shiny pools of fairy tears
finding stillness
as they settle into depths
tiny flashes
glinting off the surface calm