Surrounded by Tombstones… by Toni L.A. Cross

Surrounded by tombstones

I’m claustrophobic

Within the walls

Of this confining minute

Tomorrow dies

While I breathe

The stale air of Today

Yesterday seems so dear

With its familiar expanse

Wooing me backward

Into the graveyard

Of my mind’s idyllic perfection

And the clock

Pounds out seconds

With slow precision

Melting into a lullaby

As I slip inward

And farther from

The Now


From home to Home by Toni Cross

Right now, my husband and I are in the process of watching his beloved Grandmother slowly slip from this world into the next. The night before last, as I sat up in her hospital room, listening to her labored breathing, the following words came to me.


As the space between breaths lengthens

So the space to eternity shrinks

Here death does not steal or stalk

But waits as a plain and welcome bridge

Love dwells both here and there

A shining figure silently beckons

The journey is but from home to Home

Text Message… By Toni Cross

she glanced down just for a second
to peek at her cellphone screen
long enough the death angel reckoned
and skidding tires started to scream
he was on the way to his wedding
their colors were scarlet and cream
the rubber was smoking and shredding
he said this must be a dream
in an instant it was all done
not possible or so it would seem
twisted metal under glinting sun
the wedding march as a requiem

the passage of life… by Toni L.A. Cross

when the seasons begin to blend

and the years start to run together

like wet paint left vertical
then age creeps upon you
like a heavy cloak
and moments flee into hours
which melt into days
and the weight drags you downward
to a royal stately bed
the chamber of passage
into the land without time
you begin to hear a music unearthly to the core
that makes you want to shed
everything you have ever known
to be free
just as you were
before your birth
squeezed and compressed your being
into the confines of oxygen and clocks

endless delight… Toni L.A. Cross


soft footsteps

tentative echo

of a sojourner’s soul

finally home to stay

tired eyes raise

hands lift

as if on their own

such wordless delight

this ending

is no ending

but a beginning


an endlessness

of bliss

and completeness

true reality

at last