Confessions of an Innocent Murderer

I have been thinking lately about the myriad of hypocrisies in my own little world.

The essence of right and wrong means that one wrong cannot be “wrong-er” than another. All things are equally right or wrong.

Killing someone is wrong. Secretly hating someone is the equivalent.

Stealing a car is wrong. Keeping a CD someone else made of illegally downloaded music is just as bad.

Taking control of someone else’s life by abducting them and exploiting them is wrong. Manipulating someone to get them to do what you want is no better.

But how can that be? How can it be that something seemingly harmless is on par with a horrific crime?

Well, the only difference is how obvious the results of your actions are. You may think illegal downloading hurts no one… but what about all the people effected by not getting their fair share of the music’s proceeds?

You may think that hating secretly only effects you, but what if that person commits suicide because no one bothered to see beyond their faults and love them?

How many people have I killed? How many people have I stolen from? How many manipulated persons fill a slave quarter in my life?

…..Just a thought…….


Take a few minutes to hear her story…

There are more than 30 million slaves in the world today. 
More than at the height of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Please take the time to experience one victim’s journey.

Click the map below:

I Am an American!

Today’s Plinky challenge is “Describe the country you live in to a foreigner who has never heard of it”… 

The Flag of the United States of America 

My country isn’t perfect. 

But that said, people can say what they want without being afraid of the government. We can worship or not worship any god we please. 

You can start from the bottom of the social ladder and work your way to the top. 

You can have an idea and literally make it become reality and all you need is persistence to make it happen. 

My country still notices suffering in the world and tries to help. 

My country says there is more to a person than their skin color, social standing, or the way they talk. 

My country says that the people decide what direction the government goes in. 

My country was founded on the blood of martyrs and visionaries. 

We stand for freedom, for equality, for justice and truth. 

My country is the United States of America

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I Believe in _________, just call me a __________.

Plinky asked me the question: “Would you describe yourself as spiritual, religious, or something else?”




I define myself as relational. I believe that God created us for relationship with Him and each other. In essence, that sums up our existence. We live to love.


That said, I also define myself as a Christian. I personally don’t like the title “religious”, because religion is a framework created by man to try and reach a higher state. Christianity is all about trusting God and developing a romance with Him. I prefer not to use the title “spiritual” either, mainly because THAT can get confused with spiritualist, which I am not.


Now, I realize that many people have issues with being called “Christian” and some argue that we should just scrap the name and start over. I don’t buy that. How about we just live in such a way, that we positively redefine “Christian”?


I don’t want people to hear “what I am” and naturally assume that I am corny, outdated, frumpy-looking, unrealistic, a pessimist, a bigot, or boring.


I want people to get to know me as a person, then, if they happen to ask, “What are you?”, I’ll tell them. And maybe the next time they hear someone is a Christian, they might have a more open idea of what that might look like.


Who knows? It could be a wacky person who likes poetry and Emo-rock, lives in jeans and hates Southern Gospel music. Or not…


-Just a thought


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