swirling storms… Toni L.A. Cross



these swirling storms

drenching me

pulling me down

but i won’t give up

i’ll use the wind

that’s set on destroying me

i’ll ride the blast

of icy breath

i’ll go higher

than i’ve ever been


these swirling storms

Toni L.A. Cross © 2010


broken wing… by Toni L.A. Cross

i’m waiting here with a broken wing

my heart seems to have forgotten how to sing
and this soul sick-ward just ain’t my thing
I long for the rush that flying high can bring
but to this lonely rock I cling

fly… by Toni L.A. Cross (a fragment)

held aloft

by the breath of the sky

falling fast

in the blink of an eye

plummet / rise

letting gravity die

kicking clouds

floating way up high