Neverland by Toni L.A. Cross

There is a happy neverland

somewhere between here and sleep

It’s where all untold wishes live

the wealth of secret dreams

If one could drift amongst its foam

or dive into those depths

Their human heart would surely burst

From the sweetest of pains


Winter’s Near Decline… by Toni L.A. Cross


A chill runs down my spine

Blue and white combine

The ice is crystal fine

In a melting line

Hanging from a pine

I take it as a sign

Of winter’s near decline


weep til you sleep…by Toni L.A. Cross




til you no more weep




into my keep




a motionless heap




don’t make a peep




sunk down deep


A Chipmunk Named Morning Sickness… by Toni L.A. Cross

Deep in the pit

of my stomach

a chipmunk seems

to have gotten loose

and he’s running

and chattering

and scurrying about

looking for nuts

or some such


I try to tell him

now just isn’t the time

he’s upsetting my breakfast

and he’ll have to pay!

Sing of the Morning… by Toni L.A. Cross


toes dressed in diamonds

in sparkling dew

that tread on a carpet

of plush emerald hue

dance to music

to the finest of strings

wee crickets make music

so you can spin

whirl with abandon

before the eyes of the dawn

coy veil unfurling

of fine glossy locks

O sing to the morning!

O sing of the day!

rejoice without censure

let this moment stay