Sing of the Morning… by Toni L.A. Cross


toes dressed in diamonds

in sparkling dew

that tread on a carpet

of plush emerald hue

dance to music

to the finest of strings

wee crickets make music

so you can spin

whirl with abandon

before the eyes of the dawn

coy veil unfurling

of fine glossy locks

O sing to the morning!

O sing of the day!

rejoice without censure

let this moment stay


Life by Toni L.A. Cross

Rain on the windscreen of an automobile with w...

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I thought to myself

What is life?

For me it is joy and tears and strife

It’s being a woman, a friend, and a wife

It’s working and dreaming

And dancing and playing

Or wanting to chase the wind

But always staying

It’s finding the sweetness

Of unexpected love

And sprinkles of blessings

From above

It’s needing and wanting

Desire that’s haunting

It’s breathing through pain

And walking in the rain

Life is horrid and dear,

Full of excitement and fear

Life isn’t caught in these words we say

Life is just living today

The Happy Award!

I just want to do a shout out for Chocolate High, first and foremost. She made my day by giving me this award. Check out her blog, y’all!


10 Things That Make Me happy

1. Kisses from my HunnyBunnyBoo

2. Reading (I’m a librarian and chronic book-worm)

3. Writing (Journaling… blogging… poetry… stories…)

4. Chocolate (Especially DARK chocolate)

5. Music (It’s the language of the spirit. Please don’t take that as blasphemy… I mean the human spirit.)

6. Friends (My real life friends and my internet friends)

7. God

8. A good chick-flick (Leatherheads, Ever After, or New In Town, anyone?)

9. Sugar on Snow (For those of you who don’t know, its carmelized maple syrup on clean snow.)

10. The ocean! (I was two weeks out of my mother’s womb when I felt the sea breeze for the first time.)

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