after the storm… by Toni L.A. Cross


she finds herself surrounded

by glinting jagged pieces

the light filtering through

is warm golden brown

and it plays on the puddles

of spilled fermented froth

a small cut on her arm

oozes blood unnoticed

in the wake of torrential sobbing

hiccuping sighs and gaspy breathes

are melting in the air

the sick-sweet smell of vomit

clinging to her hair

the strength to pick up

the mop is gone

it stays in its place

and she wishes she could just

disappear like

the evaporating beer


Destiny Dream… Toni L.A. Cross


The words resounded mellifluous

It seemed like a distant pleasant dream

Telling prospects so adventurous

Likely composed of a vapor stream

Daring that somehow its really true

My beautiful future now concrete

Solid consciousness jumped up and flew

The ground said farewell to my bare feet

Stepping on a path I cannot see

Walking in purpose and destiny

fleeing words… by Toni L.A. Cross


don’t take my words away

and leave me in the dark

please let these syllables stay

alphabet so crisp and stark

don’t run from me I pray

fly flitting like a lark

speaking come what may

these phrases sullenly bark

i long and grope for day

for a yellow sunrise mark

inside… by Toni L.A. Cross

will you break through this shell
to seek the gold inside?
will you spill me out
to find the treasure that I hide?
what pain must I endure
to melt into what’s pure?
this essence beneath
so guarded and concealed
this glorious worth
waiting to be revealed

in the shadows by Toni L.A. Cross 2/1/10

a lock

on a door
hidden in the shadows

a key

on an ancient chain


dark darkness
and blacker still inside


it turns slowly
a cringing shuddering gasp


spilling in
evil scurries

revealing a harmless empty room