Too Much Ramses…

So, these charming fellows have been taking up my time lately:



The old guy is Ramses II and the fierce soldiers are Hittites. I’m currently trying to write a 600 – 800 word essay on the Battle of Kadesh for an Ancient Civilizations class I’m taking.

While I love writing essays, this one is not coming easily to me. The Battle of Kadesh is a cloudy matter, at best. The accounts don’t line up and many of Ramses II’s claims are ridiculous in the extreme.  One man fighting off thousands of charioteers? Not likely.

Right about now, I think I need to take a break from the Ancients…


I’m Columbus… By Toni L.A. Cross

I’m Columbus
on a journey
thinking I know
where it ends
but these trees
don’t look familiar
and the faces seem
so strange
I’m Columbus
on a journey
finding newness
in the place
I least expected
because I dared
to sail off
the edge
of the map

Doomed? By Toni Cross

Reign of tyranny exalted by history
Veneered reality constructed most wistfully
How quickly we forget all the blood that was let
And the lives crushed beneath such smothering debt
Heed the whispered warning of dusty ancient mourning
No more false gold-leafing or deathtrap adorning
Are we doomed to fall prey to the fate of olden day?
Just destined to slay ourselves in this way?

Answers… by Toni L.A. Cross

Dogs eat grass to cleanse themselves

Of internal impurities

The sky is blue

To make you ask why

A raven is like a writing desk

Because they can both bear doom

On their glossy backs

Globular clusters shine

To keep scientists humble

A basic ingrained desire

Longing for a person to love you forever

You eat too much spinach

Or green jelly-beans

Being cooped up makes any bull mad

And so does the color red

Lyrics are necessary to pin down the words

Hiding in musical depths

You are so tired because you aren’t sleeping

But are staring at this screen

Cats purr just to confuse dogs

And because they want to

And that is the answer

And that is the end

And now you’ll always know

behold humanity… by Toni Cross

this temple filled with flaws
a cathedral most irreverent
dripping with meaningless laws
the dancing delight of amusement
melts into a lull of caprice
drowned in a moment’s berevment
this noise fills silence with peace
humanity’s cavernous mystery
where logic and common sense cease
the endless tangled web of history
where knots only seem to increase