Kay’s Story (Part Sixteen)

Stop! This is the sixteenth episode!

Looking for the beginning of Kay’s Story?

Kay looked up as the rattling sound of a shopping cart filled the early morning air. Every little noise seemed louder with a sleeping baby to think of. The night before had been absolutely exhausting. Destiny woke up screaming on the hour and refused to be comforted.

Now, she was fast asleep, looking like a tiny angel. What was somebody doing with a shopping cart this far from the store anyway?

She stood and peered out the window, feeling slightly annoyed. A lone figure hobbled down the sidewalk, pushing a cart piled high with random trash and disheveled belongings. It was Bonnie, the local equivalent to a bag lady. Though she looked much older, she couldn’t be more than forty years old. The church had tried putting her in housing, but time after time, she’d hit the streets again. Sometimes she would talk someone into driving her to the nearest bus station and she would disappear for months only to mysteriously return.  The wanderer came to a sudden stop directly below Kay’s perch. I hope she doesn’t park herself in the entryway. That’s the last thing I need.

Slowly, the woman’s gaze scanned upward, coming to rest on the face peering down from above. Kay flushed and jerked back, pulling the curtains shut.

Instantly, shame washed over her. Lord, I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but people like her just make me so uncomfortable! Help me to see beyond the outside. Kay scolded herself as she reached for her coffee and drained the dregs, before slipping it into the sink. Sighing, her thoughts shifted abruptly towards the day ahead.

Thankfully, Destiny was dressed in a cute sleeper that looked fine for going out in. Changing a sleeping baby wouldn’t be fun. Brain had compromised on her schedule, saying that she could bring Destiny with her, two days a week. The only stipulation was that it could not affect her productivity or her attentiveness to customers. Pausing in front of the mirror, she ran her fingers through her hair, mussing it into a semblance of style. A swipe of blush brought some color to her pale face and a bit of concealer hid the dark circles under her eyes. Ever so carefully, she transferred the baby into her carrier, grabbed the bulging diaper bag and started down the stairs.

To be continued…


kids havin’ kids… by Toni L.A. Cross

i saw a baby girl
just plopped down
on the cold hard
her mama was just a child
more concerned with
her game on the computer
than the old gum wrapper
her baby was chewin' on
i shook my head
dear Lord,
it's such a shame
but what can
lil' ol' me do?
so many kids
out there havin' kids
for the welfare money
or the novelty
cuz they be
somebody else's lil' girl
wit' no daddy
 went lookin'
for love in the wrong ways
what can i do
all by my lonesome?

Ultrasound… By Toni Cross

tiny foot pushing blindly in the womb

making ripples that surge softly

along the sinuous walls of this natal room

minute toes flex and curl

exquisite miracle drifting in an amniotic sea

hidden like an oyster sheltered pearl

waves of sound reflect back

surveying complex curves and lines

portraying art on primitive black

first glimpse achievement of the unseen

cradled like treasure with awe

light glancing off the glassy sheen