Fighting Gray… By Toni L.A. Cross

Noble warrior renowned

Listen to this harrowing sound

Draining cries of earth’s deep sorrow

We will live to see the morrow?

Life is leaking from a crack

Faceless death will now attack

Who has left us silent here?

What foe won’t visibly appear?

We know not who or why we fight

Though we press on in this bleak night

O! That gray would fade from sight

And black be black and white be white!


How Faith Is Found… By Toni L.A. Cross

If you don’t know how faith is found

Then watch this sparrow hit the ground

And listen for the whispered voice

And wait to see Him give me choice

To choose my way to death or life

To pick a path of joy or strife

He forces not the best on me

Nor scorns my fall for all to see

His hand is still beneath my form

Waiting to shelter me in the storm

Life by Toni L.A. Cross

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I thought to myself

What is life?

For me it is joy and tears and strife

It’s being a woman, a friend, and a wife

It’s working and dreaming

And dancing and playing

Or wanting to chase the wind

But always staying

It’s finding the sweetness

Of unexpected love

And sprinkles of blessings

From above

It’s needing and wanting

Desire that’s haunting

It’s breathing through pain

And walking in the rain

Life is horrid and dear,

Full of excitement and fear

Life isn’t caught in these words we say

Life is just living today

swirling storms… Toni L.A. Cross



these swirling storms

drenching me

pulling me down

but i won’t give up

i’ll use the wind

that’s set on destroying me

i’ll ride the blast

of icy breath

i’ll go higher

than i’ve ever been


these swirling storms

Toni L.A. Cross © 2010