Shopping for Jeans? An Ethical Report Card

Use this chart to find out how ethical different brands are when you go shopping for your next pair of jeans. The higher the number, the better their ethics.

The credit/source for this is Ethical Consumer.
I would also like to let you know, I just sent out an email to Lee Jeans, inquiring about their Fair Trade policy. I will update you, when/if I get a response.

Fair Trade Clothing


I’ve been reading the book, “From Sea to Shining Sea” and pondering…
If slavery in early America nearly destroyed her, what will her current support of the modern epidemic of slavery, through the mass purchase of slave produced goods do?

Or for that matter, the blind eye we turn towards the sex slave trade. Add to that the rate of unborn babies we murder daily, and our many other sins…

Here are some things I found that will be helpful in becoming a more ethically conscious shopper. I’m new to this myself, so maybe we can learn together.

Click any of the images below to check out the websites.

Please note that some of these companies products are pretty pricey. Check out their sales sections, though! Some of them have awesome deals!

Fingernails on Denim

Okay, okay… I know I'm a total weirdo, so answering today's Plinky prompt was practically made for me.

"What is your weirdest pet peeve?"


Ever since I was a little girl, fingernails or toenails on denim would send shivers down my spine and make me scream.

If it was my own nails that inadvertently skimmed the surface of my jeans, well, beware. That was the absolute worst!

Fingernails on chalkboard have NOTHING on this.

The vibration just goes straight to your bones….

Ugh. I don't even want to think about it.

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