Seedling… by Toni L.A. Cross


Impatiently stirring in darkness

a seed in the womb of the earth

stretching and yearning and slowing unfurling

searching and searching for light


Casting off the veil of its seedhood

shedding the skin of its youth

budding and bursting and suddenly thirsting

searching and searching for light


Knowing not what it might be

caring not where it might sprout

growing and reaching and rapidly moving

searching and searching for light


Thrusting itself towards the heavens

bare newborn covered in dew

hoping and dreaming and artlessly scheming

searching and searching for light



The Fall and The Thud… by Toni Cross



Harsh splinters grind between black teeth

A deathly sentiment hovers beneath

My enemy bites at me with a word

I’m struck down, fallen, like a bird

With the rush, with the thump, of a hollow thud

In the dust, my red blood makes bright mud

I wait helpless as a stunned sparrow

When fierce death comes to harrow

Where is He who truly sees all

That One who cares every time I fall?

Memory Closet by Toni L.A. Cross

A simple closet door

So it appears to be

But if you peer inside

Filled hangers you will see

With memories intact

All lined up in a row

Hidden in the fabric

The scent of tears, you know

Youthful smells of wishes

Of dearest heartfelt pain

Closet of true beauty

Where love has left its stain

weep til you sleep…by Toni L.A. Cross




til you no more weep




into my keep




a motionless heap




don’t make a peep




sunk down deep


She Tells No Spoken Lies, by Toni L.A. Cross

she laughs and always smiles

so carefully composed

while secretly, she dies

no one sees her graveyard

in still lurking shadows

deceiving carefree eyes

they do not see her pain

a great and looming past

that clouds all inner skies

plain bliss is on display

they think that all is well

she tells no spoken lies