I’m Columbus… By Toni L.A. Cross

I’m Columbus
on a journey
thinking I know
where it ends
but these trees
don’t look familiar
and the faces seem
so strange
I’m Columbus
on a journey
finding newness
in the place
I least expected
because I dared
to sail off
the edge
of the map


A Quote and the Thoughts It Inspired

“I find some madmen entertaining, but others do indeed frighten me, as if they know that a man is just the restless and mysterious shadow of a dream, and that dream may be God’s.
I have to confess that I enjoy their company, I want to see through their eyes the world die each night, only to be reborn with dawn, to pursue their thought as if they were wild horses, to hear them laugh and make others laugh, to intoxicate myself without wine, and to dream with my eyes open.”
~Elie Wiesel: The Time of the Uprooted~

I was considering the definition of normal today, after a conversation with a rather eccentric individual.

According to Webster’s, one definition of normal is: “relating to, or characterized by average intelligence or development”.

From what I remember of basic math, the way you come up with an average is by adding up all the extremes and dividing them equally. The irony of that is, of course, most of the original numbers are nowhere near the numeral amount of the average.

Therefore, average and normal do not ACTUALLY exist. Most of what we call eccentricity, madness, weirdness, and the like, are actually what human beings should be like. (Using the word “should” in its loosest form.)

The fact is that we spend most of our lives trying desperately to conform to the image of what is “average and normal” or worse yet, we strive so hard to be an “individual” that we lose the essense of ourselves in the process.


…just a thought…

Penta-Ciquain: Circle of Life, Written by Toni L.A. Cross 12/8/09

Hey everybody! Sorry for not posting for a while… its all the fault of the weather! We had blizzard conditions and went to hunker down with an elderly relative who doesn’t have internet.



brand-new life

kicking and screaming

foreign frightening noisy world




still breathing

gasping oxygen in

joyous thrills of adrenaline




connected hearts

pulsing beating rush

intimately becoming one being




fading gray

slipping away slowing

memories joy sorrow pain




ice cold

still and silent

not feeling anything forever



 This poem is part of an experiment I am doing to try out the different forms of poetry. Keep an eye out for upcoming attempts.


“Cinquain: This is another unique type of poetry style. As the name suggests, it is made up of five lines. The first line is just one word, which is often the title of the poem. The second line has two words which describe the first line. The third line has three words, and is mostly the action part of the poem. The fourth line is four words describing the feelings. And the fifth line, again, has just one word which is the title of the poem.”