like a kid again… by Toni L.A. Cross

i wanna be like a kid again

climb a tree with skinned knees again

To see through clear eyes again

flying free on a swing again

i wanna be like a kid again


what babies know… by Toni L.A. Cross


whisper to me of the things I knew

before i crossed the great wide blue

coo the sound of heaven’s gates

and the mystery of our fates

tell me of the wordless thing

why God cries and angels sing

locket… by Toni L.A. Cross


my eternal captive

memory with worn edges

a gritty film of nostalgia

forever living yesterday

contained inside a metal cocoon

hammered into shape

hidden just here

warmed by my chest

hot with the pulse

of my aging heart

Braincicle… by Toni Cross

there is an icicle on the edge

a braincicle in my mind

made of something

long forgotten

now it’s dripping

slowly melting

thought dew




Iron Silk… By Toni L.A. Cross

See my fears

Taste these tears

Over many, many years

Melt to froth

Powder moth

Spun into fine spider cloth

Feel my doubt

Quench a shout

Mask it with generic pout

Boil down

Never frown

Become every person’s clown

Hide a thought

Don’t get bought

Become iron fully wrought