Slave in Waiting… A Multimedia Poem by Toni L.A. Cross


She peers out of broken glass

Smeared with all that’s crude and crass

The glass is like her life

It cuts her with its knife

She is old and broken

Her pain pools unspoken

No way to escape

This endless rape

She peers out with shattered eyes

Heavy with tears she never cries

The tears are like the curtain of beads

Strung and hanging useless weeds

Tacky and in the way

Like the thought that she should pray

If God did care

She should see Him somewhere

Won’t He send someone

To undo what is done?

Does no one know

That she is here down below?



Seven Song Lyric Groupings To Ponder… (Guess Who?)


I am that one voice in the cold wind, that whispers

And if you listen, you’ll hear me call across the sky



From the deep I cry
I am needing change in my life
I have let the cold creep in and lock my ability 
to feel (deeply)


“Its fragile”, she says to me.
The hair in her eyes, she removes it smiling.
There’s a wound that I know this song could mend,
A step in time for us will never end.



Could we fly away
Lie on a cloud all day
Hold hands and get kissed by the sun
Shall we swim out deep
Watch dolphins leap
Like my heart would if you said I was the only one



two hearts in search of wholeness
both willing to risk it all
could true love have fled so easily
leaving both broken from the fall




You feel so lonely and ragged
You lay there broken and naked
My love is just waiting
To clothe you in crimson roses



I feel wonderful because I see
The love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don’t realize how much I love you.


(These are some of my favorite lyrics… enjoy the poetry in them and see if you can guess who wrote each set quoted…)

Music of A Human Life

This is a poem written as part of a photo challenge from my WordPress friend, Charles Martin. He sent this photo and asked me to write a poem to go with it.

He surveys his life fondly

From a distance, he reflects

Wondering at the music

All the mistakes

The joy and the pain

Blend into such a marvelous symphony

Listen to the lilting flute

That tells the tale of carefree youth

And hear the cello’s solemn resound

Rich strings of compassion tying all together

The violins of romance

Take a turn about

Flavoring the music with rich beauty and grace

Then anguish takes its turn

With crashing timpani

The orchestra breathes a sighing breath

And starts again

High and sweet

The piccolo sings of art and magic

Brassy bold the trumpets blare

Of manly glory and pride

Then once again the cello

Comes out to very front

And leads us all

To a place of gentle aged grace

Symphony of Life: A Pantoum Poem

Symphony of life

Dancing ordinary sound

From joyful to strife

Simple yet merging into profound


Dancing ordinary sound

Colors made up of normal words

Simple yet merging into profound

Thoughts fluttering like birds


Letting the mundane resound

Moments swooping in herds

Flirting all around

From glamour girls to geeky nerds


Moments swooping in herds

Tying humanity together

From glamour girls to geeky nerds

All tossed into the same sort of weather


Moments swooping in herds

From joyful to strife

From glamour girls to geeky nerds

Symphony of life


Three overplayed songs I love anyway




   Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer 

I love the poetic feel of this poem. It brings out the bare-footed sappy romantic country girl in me. 


   Hanging By a Moment by Lifehouse 

Passion drips from this song. Nuff said. 


  You Won’t Relent by Misty Edwards 

A beautiful song based on Song of Solomon.