Ocean Goodnight Kiss, by Toni L.A. Cross



a lone wave surges, falls, and dips

sensual melting froth on ocean’s lips

stirring siren sea draped in dimming light

this brawny sun kisses her goodnight


lovelost sea… by Toni L.A. Cross

fairest darkest ocean maid
never on land would belong

those lips of palest blue-pink shade
parted in wail-song

shining flash beneath the wave
beyond the powd’ry shore

a longing glance of love she gave
beyond the docking moor

to a man alone and brave
a fisher’s cloak he wore

this sacred bond could not save
a dead-end with no door

a love so damned and infernal
a love forever wholly eternal

Ship of Dreams… By Toni Cross

Last image from the photo challenge by Charles Martin


Sitting on the pier  

What a beautiful day  

No traces of fear  

And nothing to say  


Looking up at the ship of dreams  

The waves lap like a kitten  

A lone seagull screams  

And somehow I’m smitten  


It’s destiny I suppose  

Creaky new boards  

These sails and ropes in rows  

The clanking of swords  


But to never see the shore…  

To lose sight of firm ground  

Just water- more and more  

Fierce waves that rise and pound  


Fog and dark of stormy night  

salty world of endless  tears  

aching surging windy might  

rain surf driven spears  


Desperation and adventure skim  

Beneath the surface of the water  

Like a siren on a whim  

Neptune’s fairest daughter  


Sitting on the pier  

For courage I pray  

No coward face to leer  

And nothing to say  


beautiful wild ocean… Toni L.A. Cross

all-encompassing body
surging with life
and with death
containing power
that makes all else

thundering depths
raging heights
plummeting and rising
with violence and force

teeming with
other worldly creatures
deadly savage beasts
soft as a lover’s caress
yet sharp as a killer’s knife


beautiful wild ocean