sand, salt, surf by Toni L.A. Cross


softly swishing salty surf

singing sweet sighs

sandals sunk in shimmering sand



Sometimes I get so tired. Tired of trying… day after day after day. I feel a sense of crumbling age creeping upon my youth. Pinning my eyelids down with the dust of so many somedays…

Every now and then, I shake my head, jerked from monotony by the unseen. For a little while, I feel lighter. My head held high, the corners of  my lips curving upward.

Then, once again, the sediment begins to cover me. It teams up with gravity and pulls at me slowly. Demanding nothings call my name over and over, chanting to the beat of my lethargic pulse.

And another day goes by… and I wonder.

Smart Fox… by Toni L.A. Cross

My mind is a big ol’ sound-proof box
I am crafty
I am witty
I am smart as a fox

My mouth is a path to the world-at-large
It is scary
It is tricky
It is pushing me to charge

My eyes are windows to let light in
They are dusty
They are crying
They are pulling me to this looney-bin

Confessions of an Innocent Murderer

I have been thinking lately about the myriad of hypocrisies in my own little world.

The essence of right and wrong means that one wrong cannot be “wrong-er” than another. All things are equally right or wrong.

Killing someone is wrong. Secretly hating someone is the equivalent.

Stealing a car is wrong. Keeping a CD someone else made of illegally downloaded music is just as bad.

Taking control of someone else’s life by abducting them and exploiting them is wrong. Manipulating someone to get them to do what you want is no better.

But how can that be? How can it be that something seemingly harmless is on par with a horrific crime?

Well, the only difference is how obvious the results of your actions are. You may think illegal downloading hurts no one… but what about all the people effected by not getting their fair share of the music’s proceeds?

You may think that hating secretly only effects you, but what if that person commits suicide because no one bothered to see beyond their faults and love them?

How many people have I killed? How many people have I stolen from? How many manipulated persons fill a slave quarter in my life?

…..Just a thought…….

Child Bride? By Toni L.A. Cross

 Grossly underage marriages are far more common today than you think. In situations where the husband is much older, there is often frequent domestic abuse.

Some Facts:

  • More than 100 million girls in the developing world will be married during the next 10 years.
  • Although the definition of child marriage includes boys, most children married under the age of 18 years are girls.
  • While the practice has decreased globally over the last 30 years, it remains common in rural areas and among the poorest of the poor.
  • In Southern Asia, 48%—nearly 10 million—of girls are married before the age of 18.
  • In Africa, 42% of girls were married before turning 18.
  • In Latin America and the Caribbean, 29% of girls are married by age 18.

  • Excerpt taken from

    What are you doing

    Taking that life?

    What are you thinking

    This child is your wife?

    What do you want

    To control someone else?

    Why do you beat her

    With your leather belts?

    To crush a spirit

    Is that your game?

    To rule over silence

    A person with no name?

    Then don’t call it marriage

    This dictatorship

    Just call it slavery

    With an overseer’s whip