Think That Thought? by Toni L.A. Cross

A skittering concept
Born of emotion
Grows in rapid
Hectic motion
Breath caught
Fills void space
In a frantic race
A second
An unguarded neutron
A moment of brilliance
And darkness revealed
A thought
Just a thought
And a nation froths
They simmer
They boil
Deceptive calm
Broken survivor
Who dared to think
That thought

Death… By Toni L.A. Cross


Distant prospect

Yet always near

Sniffing about

My loved ones dear


Horrid shadow

Clinging with doubt

Reaching corners

And poking about


I defy you

With power not mine

Life within me

Peeks out to shine


You lose

In the ultimate end

I hold the trump card

My Eternal Friend

after the storm… by Toni L.A. Cross


she finds herself surrounded

by glinting jagged pieces

the light filtering through

is warm golden brown

and it plays on the puddles

of spilled fermented froth

a small cut on her arm

oozes blood unnoticed

in the wake of torrential sobbing

hiccuping sighs and gaspy breathes

are melting in the air

the sick-sweet smell of vomit

clinging to her hair

the strength to pick up

the mop is gone

it stays in its place

and she wishes she could just

disappear like

the evaporating beer

Destiny Dream… Toni L.A. Cross


The words resounded mellifluous

It seemed like a distant pleasant dream

Telling prospects so adventurous

Likely composed of a vapor stream

Daring that somehow its really true

My beautiful future now concrete

Solid consciousness jumped up and flew

The ground said farewell to my bare feet

Stepping on a path I cannot see

Walking in purpose and destiny

red sticky tears… By Toni Cross

these knees are crying

red sticky tears

from bearing the brunt

of so many falls

rocks and dirt

beneath tender skin

becoming part of a scab


that scab

will grow into a scar

and then

sleek whiteness

will be peppered

with even paler

tiny mountains

and valleys

ridges and bumps


snow-covered hills

that tell the tale

of bloody congealing droplets