Cleansing Ocean of Tears… By Toni L.A. Cross


Marred by the stress and by the pain

In this half-light, all alone

Mark of humanity blotted with stain

Hidden greatness gives a shuddering groan


Breaking down these temples

Built of clay and flesh

Clinging to rocks like barnacles

Tied up in a seaweed mesh


 Waves of eroding salt

Dragging away dead tissue

Dredging up a sandy fault

The heart of this repeating issue


Let this ocean of tears cleanse

View our planet through a new lens



Midnight Eyes by Toni L.A. Cross


Midnight eyes in the shadows

Pinning souls to the wall

Haunting gaze strikes like arrows


Celestial globes hidden in hollows

Curtained dread begins to fall

Midnight eyes in the shadows


Swimming tears like little minnows

Bluish cast of watery pall

Haunting gaze strikes like arrows

Spilling brim of many sorrows

Watch the horrid pull enthrall

Midnight eyes in the shadows


In azure pain it wallows

Through blue pity it will crawl

 Haunting gaze strikes like arrows

Hear as lonely whisper billows

Listen to the keening mournful call

Haunting gaze strikes like arrows


endless delight… Toni L.A. Cross


soft footsteps

tentative echo

of a sojourner’s soul

finally home to stay

tired eyes raise

hands lift

as if on their own

such wordless delight

this ending

is no ending

but a beginning


an endlessness

of bliss

and completeness

true reality

at last



mention me… by Toni L.A. Cross

mention me

   in your thoughts

      in your prayers

          in your whispers

               and your tears

hear me speak

   in the quiet

      when the raindrops

             fade away

don’t forget

    always remember

        to mention me