Music of A Human Life

This is a poem written as part of a photo challenge from my WordPress friend, Charles Martin. He sent this photo and asked me to write a poem to go with it.

He surveys his life fondly

From a distance, he reflects

Wondering at the music

All the mistakes

The joy and the pain

Blend into such a marvelous symphony

Listen to the lilting flute

That tells the tale of carefree youth

And hear the cello’s solemn resound

Rich strings of compassion tying all together

The violins of romance

Take a turn about

Flavoring the music with rich beauty and grace

Then anguish takes its turn

With crashing timpani

The orchestra breathes a sighing breath

And starts again

High and sweet

The piccolo sings of art and magic

Brassy bold the trumpets blare

Of manly glory and pride

Then once again the cello

Comes out to very front

And leads us all

To a place of gentle aged grace