Winter’s Near Decline… by Toni L.A. Cross


A chill runs down my spine

Blue and white combine

The ice is crystal fine

In a melting line

Hanging from a pine

I take it as a sign

Of winter’s near decline


The Human Heart… by Toni L.A. Cross

Muscle moving

 By sheer will

The heart endures

Twice its fill

Lone and braving

The dark night

The heart dreams of

Morning’s light

Titan of the

Mortal’s frame

Onward blaze and

Never tame

Good News And A Vermont Haiku

So, the first bit of good news is that my in-laws just surprised us with a brand-new laptop! Yay! I must say, it is much easier to blog when one owns a computer… although you can manage without one.

I realize that I’ve neglected this blog terribly and I hope to start posting more consistently now.

The second bit of good news is that I am writing a memoir! I’ll be self-publishing “Baby, Don’t Leave Me” through Amazon’s Kindle Direct program. I have another blog, which is solely devoted to my new book: If you take a look, just bear with me… it is still under construction.

For those of you who are still wondering about the Social Justice Ebook Project that we began a few years ago, it didn’t die and it isn’t forgotten. Actually, writing my memoir has inspired me to dust off the Social Justice Project. There were several problems with it, one being that it just didn’t have enough content to make up a whole book. It also got shelved because of some very hard personal struggles that my family has faced over the past two years. I’m hoping reboot the idea sometime soon and add more contributors. I’ll be talking more about that on here in the days to come.

For now,  I’m working on finalizing my manuscript for “Baby, Don’t Leave Me”. I still need to take and add photographs to the story, get it proof-read and edited, and touch up the formatting a bit. The whole process has become a bit of a passion for me and I haven’t worked on much else lately.


Here’s a haiku about our lovely Vermont weather… (…hear the sarcasm, people…)


 chocolate ice skim

framed by falling fairy flakes

mud and snow combine


The Right To Choose Death… by Toni Cross

All these fights

Over women’s rights

And yet you forget

That it’s a death threat

You’d take my life

With an abortionist’s knife

As I float in the dark

You quench my life spark

Why do you try

To justify

My untimely death

My stolen breath?

How can you say

That I have no worth

When others would’ve rejoiced

On the day of my birth?


Show me… by Toni Cross



Show me the sunshine

My lithe and nimble friend

Show me the beauty

That day-glow loves to lend

Show me the fire

That color loves to tend

Show me the rainbow

As light rays start to bend

Show me the newness

Let yesterday now mend