blocking my view

all that I see

something brand new

in front of me

chasing a high

excitement’s rush

makes me just fly

everything hush

time is a blur

gone in a blink

watch my brain whir

yet I can’t think

focused on this

lost in the drive

what did i miss

feeling alive

NASA Adds Leap Second to Master Clock by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

I close my eyes

And something dies

Reality doesn’t match these lies

I speak with sighs

My heart won’t rise

Held down with hidden ties

I’m not awake

I cannot break

Can’t let go for your sake

Is it fake

This choice I make

To give and give and never take

I love you so

I hope you know

I pray you never meet my inner foe

I want you to grow

To shine and glow

To be who you are and let it show

Inner Turmoil


Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

She climbs the stairs, she reaches high

So many new words to try

Her baby lips are asking why

Her eyes are watching everything

Never missing anything

The whole world is her plaything

No grasping here, she’s no Macbeth

She has no concept of death

Adventure calls with each new breath

When innocence is driving you

No guile in what you do

Is hope enough to see you through?

Nighttime by Toni L.A Clegg

I drift awake in darkness sweet

My toes caress your sleeping feet

I feel and hear your slumbering sigh

And swiftly how the hours fly

My fingers tangled in your hair

Our breath is mingling in the air

Together curled beneath the sheets

I feel your pulse, your heart it beats

My thoughts are far and yet so near

With hopes as poignant as my fear