Psalm of A Mortal Moth… By Toni L.A. Cross

Like a moth

Drawn to the light

I find myself

Wooed by a Flame

Close and closer

I soar near

Until I catch afire

Tiny flying tinder am I

Consume the powder

Of these earthly wings

Render me dust

Til I am truly free

Ruin me for all but You and Yours…

My only fear


                                    the night


                                                                                  the Son


Unfathomable King of Beauty, Written by Toni L.A. Cross, 1/30/10

Unfathomable King of Beauty
Your Throne is studded with stars
Like shining molten gems

Its cushions arrayed with swirling blackness
sprinkled with pin-pricks of light
Like dazzling satin or silk

In the sky you have placed the sun
A fiery portrayal of Your consuming passion
A shadow of the source of all light

And the resplendent pale moon
A picture of Your beloved Bride
As it reflects sunlight, she too reflects back

Everywhere I look I see beauty
Which came from the Source of all Glorious
And types tell me stories of higher things
Pointing to Him every time

All this is crowned in a being
His very image stamped only one place
In frail intricate humanity
A living soul began at His caress

Yet staining all I see black smudges
Signs of a terrible tale
Gouges on the face of perfection
Desecration of goodness itself

O freewill- what a gift! What a curse!
The cost of freedom to love
The price of dabbling into sin

But what is this red flow I see?
Erasing, restoring, cleansing?
What could take away this shame?

What else but the truest love?
There the greatest beauty is found.
In the most heinous crime of history
When Innocent blood ran down
And washed Adam’s Race once for all