She Played Dead… by Toni Cross

This morning, as I scanned through the headlines, this headline caught my eye: This 6-Year-Old Survivor’s Story May Be the Most Intense from Newtown Yet – Politics – The Atlantic Wire. As I thought about that little girl and all she survived, a poem started to form in my mind…



She played dead

Escaped inside her head

All around her everything

Turned blood-red

Her memory defaced

Can’t be erased

This horror is

Her breathing space

She survived

Til help arrived

Now any sentiment

Just seems contrived


~~me and orion ~~ written by Toni L.A. Cross

harsh icy wind
freezing tear tracks
on my cheeks

the night is so clear
the stars are so bright
I’m dwarfed by the darkness

surrounded with pinpricks
my eyes are searching frantically
for something I know

then there shines orion
the hunter, the fighter
my comrade in arms

i look up, reminded
that i’m not alone
a survivor, a scrapper

a victor someday
i stand stout inside once more
and think of the One

who hung the great galaxies
and never forgets
even tiny me