Free Fall by Toni L.A. Cross

All the things I should have said

These choices I can’t put to bed

Feeling trapped inside my mind

Making all but memory blind

I’m dying here inside my head

From wishing that I wasn’t dead

I’m falling- losing altitude

It’s so much more than just a mood

I grope through every word I’ve read

I try to reach for hope instead

My spirit lets out one last gasp

Peace is here within my grasp


Surrounded by Tombstones… by Toni L.A. Cross

Surrounded by tombstones

I’m claustrophobic

Within the walls

Of this confining minute

Tomorrow dies

While I breathe

The stale air of Today

Yesterday seems so dear

With its familiar expanse

Wooing me backward

Into the graveyard

Of my mind’s idyllic perfection

And the clock

Pounds out seconds

With slow precision

Melting into a lullaby

As I slip inward

And farther from

The Now

Life lately

My life of late has fallen into a routine.

I get up, take a shower, eat a small breakfast, go to work, eat a small lunch, possibly try to connect to the internet while eating, work some more, go home, make supper, eat, do something with my husband, get ready for bed, do bible study/pray, and then I conclude my day by sitting in bed reading a novel, until my husband comes to bed and shuts the light off.

There are small variants in my schedule, for example: we might have a meeting at church, as soon as I get done work, we might have to babysit my teenage siblings or like last night, we may go over to a friend’s house. Then, of course, there are the weekends, which are a mash-up of church, football, and reading, with friends and family mixed in.

On the whole, however, my path has been quite predictable.

I’ve found myself plodding along, not discontent, but wondering…

And asking God more and more often, “What, why, when, where, how?”

Braincicle… by Toni Cross

there is an icicle on the edge

a braincicle in my mind

made of something

long forgotten

now it’s dripping

slowly melting

thought dew