The Right To Choose Death… by Toni Cross

All these fights

Over women’s rights

And yet you forget

That it’s a death threat

You’d take my life

With an abortionist’s knife

As I float in the dark

You quench my life spark

Why do you try

To justify

My untimely death

My stolen breath?

How can you say

That I have no worth

When others would’ve rejoiced

On the day of my birth?



Artists and Writers Needed To Fight Injustice!

Recently, a visiting speaker spoke passionately at our church regarding social justice and human trafficking, I began seriously thinking and praying about what I could do to help.

I am in the baby stages of putting together a self published book through’s CreateSpace.

It will be a collaboration of artists and writers, containing short stories, poems, and original art centered around raising awareness of current social justice issues. Our goal would also encompass raising funds to help end modern-day slavery, in all its forms.

We would like to donate the full proceeds of the book, (minus the cost of publishing) to the Not For Sale Campaign.

If you as a writer and/or artist would like to contribute to this project OR if you know someone who might be interested, comment on this post and I will email you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much,

Toni L.A. Cross